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bossman_thecat – BSc & MSc in philosophy of sleeping art, PhD Candidate at Intercational Laziness Institution 🎓

Bossman_Thecat Instagram Media Interaction Score

Media Interaction Score : 3.3

Bossman_Thecat's Media Interaction Score Calculation Details

  • Like Effect : 2.4 / 5
  • Comment Effect : 0.8 / 2
  • Follower Count Effect : 0.3 / 2
  • Following Count Effect : -0.2 / 2
  • Location Sharing Effect : 0 / 1

Bossman_Thecat Instagram User Post Sharing Dates and Like Counts

This analysis shows bossman_thecat post like counts based on post date. So you can find most interactive date and post relation. We can tell that easily with 45 likes, 2018-02-15 is your most interactive date.

Bossman Instagram Picture

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